I offer Yoga sessions on a regular basis in group settings and one-on-one for newcomers and advanced practitioners of all ages and fitness levels in German and English. I am co-founder of Momentum Regeneration® where I teach alongside Dr. med. Günter Niessen in our modular Yoga Therapy Training 300h registered with Yoga Alliance as well as workshops, conferences, Yoga therapy days and immersions.


The real yoga happens inside.


In different stages of life we have different needs and yoga can support them by dynamically and  expressively strengthening us, taking us quietly within, leading to relaxation and calm.

On this journey of self- discovery we learn how to gently rise above our boundaries. The joy that comes with that is a gift we can only give ourselves.

Individual lessons

Come as you are


Looking at your personal wants and needs, we design a suitable home-practice to create a routine that invites vitality and initiates uplifting habits in every day life.

After 2-4 weeks I recommend to evaluate the outcome in order to further develop and refine the practice accordingly.

Costs: 60 min. 80,00 € – 3x 220€

As a time-tested holistic practice, Yoga regenerates the body, refines the breath, calms the mind, expands consciousness, deepens the emotions, and prepares for a truly intimate relationship with oneself and others.

Yoga is very effective in maintaining, improving and preserving vitality and has great potential for restoring health when lost.

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* Important: yoga lessons and structural yoga therapy are preventative measures in healthcare and are not equal to a doctors consultation. A promise of salvation can not be stated.


We live – we learn…continuesly


Together with Dr. med. Günter Niessen I teach comprehensive yoga therapy training programs, workshops, conferences and seminars in both English and German.

Our range of topics covers case studies, asana variations, strengt endurance, injury prevention and recovery, functional and structural anatomy, yoga psychology and many more.

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