I teach Yoga on a regular basis in group sessions and one to one for newcomers and advanced practitioners of all ages and fitness levels in German and English. I am the founder of Momentum Regeneration. As a Co-Teacher I work alongside Dr. med. Günter Niessen in the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program, the Momentum Regeneration YogaTherapy Training as well as teaching workshops, conferences, Yoga therapy days and immersions.


The real yoga is what we can´t see, it happens inside.

In different phases of life we have different needs and yoga flows into these: dynamically and  expressively strengthening us, taking us quietly within, always leading to relaxation and calm.

On this journey of self- discovery we learn how to gently rise above our boundaries. The joy that comes with that is a gift we can only give ourselves.

Individual lessons

Come as you are and bring everything with you that seems worthy to be captured in a new light.

Looking at your personal wishes and needs, we design a 10-15 minute daily practice to create an individual routine that invites change and initiates uplifting habits in every day life.

After 14 days I recommend to evaluate the outcome and further develop and refine the practice accordingly.

Costs: 50 min. 70,00 €

With a therapeutic approach, yoga can be practised as a creative answer to health problems. Physical and mental issues are a creative answer of our body and mind to some kind of exhaustion or strain. It can have its root either in the distant past or in subconscious behavioral patterns on our present lives. Only what we acknowledge and accept can change, and yoga offers various tools to immerse into this process, find other perspectives and shine a different light on our experiences. Thus we enhance our recovery from within on all levels of body and mind.

„Only that what we really are has healing power.“
C.G. Jung

* Important: yoga lessons and structural yoga therapy are preventative measures in healthcare and are not equal to a doctors consultation. A promise of salvation can not be stated. Diagnoses will not be given.



We live – we learn…

As a co-teacher I work with Dr. med. Günter Niessen, delivering lectures and practices on different topics of yoga therapy in workshops, conferences and seminars held in both English and German.

Our range of topics covers case studies, asana variations, strengt endurance, injury prevention and recovery, functional and structural anatomy, yoga psychology and many more.

You can find the events under the following link: